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Nactec House Dedication

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Nactec House Dedication
by Chick Beckley - Wednesday, 24 June 2015, 6:03 PM

NACTEC Dedication of the New NACTEC House
Thursday, September 4, 2008 – 11:00 AM

Thursday, September 4th turned out to be a beautiful fall day in Nome and a perfect outdoor setting for the long anticipated grand opening of the newly completed NACTEC House. NACTEC Director Jeff Selvey greeted and welcomed everyone as the crowd took their seats in front of the NACTEC House. Guest speakers included many stakeholders and partners, including Commissioner Bishop from the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Commissioner Larry Ladoux from the Department of Education. The City of Nome's Honorable Mayor Denise Michels also shared a few words of gratitude to all those that have been involved from the conception to the completion of the NACTEC House. BSSD Superintendent Hickerson and Rick Luthi, Superintendent for the Nome Public Schools, joined their respective board members in the ribbon cutting ceremony along with NACTEC Director Jeff Selvey. The NACTEC staff served refreshments and cake and facility tours were offered throughout the afternoon.

Since the inception of NACTEC, high school students attending NACTEC lived in the Nome-Beltz Dormitory, a dorm that was built in the 1960’s. In 2003, the NACTEC Advisory Board recommended that rather than update the existing facility, a new dormitory is constructed. The reasons for a new dormitory-style house were:
  • The structure will be specifically designed for the program.
  • The structure will resemble a house rather than an institutional building.
  • The structure will be much more energy efficient, decreasing future operating costs.
  • Costly abatement of hazardous materials can be avoided.
The goal and design of the NACTEC House is to create a living environment that looks and feels like a typical single-family residence. The model described below reflects the specific needs of the NACTEC program offering life, work readiness and career focused skills. Highlights include:
  • Housing for 24 students, with rooms organized in clusters around living rooms to re-create the typical living arrangements the students will encounter. Students will be personally responsible for cleaning and maintaining their living area and bathrooms.
  • A modest two bedroom apartment to provide living space for house parents; one studio apartment for intermittent use and one that could provide full time living space.
  • Two linked kitchens that mimic home kitchens but can also be used for teaching and to make meals for 32 people.
  • Communal dining area.
  • Recreation area for after hour’s activities.
  • A group living room.

The NACTEC program is a joint venture regional vocational learning center located in Nome. The goal is to prepare students for the world of work after high school. This joint venture was established through collaboration between the Bering Strait School District, Nome Public Schools and City of Nome.

This is an extraordinary example of successful collaboration with all of NACTEC's stakeholders and partnerships.

NACTEC House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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