Career Exploration Modules

Career Exploration Modules

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Healthcare Helpers In-A-Box Elementary Curriculum Set

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Healthcare Helpers In-A-Box

This In-A-Box comes with all of the following outfits! It works best with K3/K4/K5 1st graders.


The Firefighter Set comes with a jacket, helmet, fire extinguisher, megaphone, and a book called, I Want to be a Firefighter.

Fireman Helper

The EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Set comes with a jacket and tool set.

EMT Helper Set

The Vet Set includes scrubs, a dog, tools, and a book called I Want to be a Vet.

Vet Helper Set

The Doctor Set comes with a tool set, a book called I Want to be a Doctor, and
will soon have scrubs.

Doctor Helper Set

The Nursing Set comes with scrubs, a book called I Want to be a Nurse, and a

Nurse Helper Set

The Dentist Set includes a set of tools in a bag, a book called A Day in the Life
of a Dentist, and scrubs.

Dentist Helper Set

The Scientist Set comes with safety goggles, head lamp, and lab coat.

Scientist Helper Set

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