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Bones & Muscles In-A-Box Curriculum Set

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Bones & Muscles In-A-Box

The Bones and Muscles In-A-Box features five stations plus multiple supplemental activities on the eye. At each station, students answer questions on their station notes, which can be collected for assessment or simply used to keep students on task.

Bones & Muscles station activities:

  1. Anatomy Students draw three types of muscle (skeletal, cardiac, and smooth) and the components inside of bone after examining graphics.
  2. Bone health Students learn what bone density means; how exercise and gravity enhance bone density; and how professionals examine bone-density x-rays to evaluate a persons bone health.
  3. Sports injury Students play the sports-injury game show to learn what sports commonly lead to injuries. One student is host and the others in the group are contestants.
  4. Bone and muscle disorders Students play the memory game to learn about bone and muscle disorders, their treatment, and the professionals who treat them..
  5. Muscle geography Students learn several muscles of the body by examining posters, making movements, and locating the list of muscles on each other using sticky notes.

Extensions to the bones and muscles stations include:

Bones and Muscles In-A-Box DVD- This is a 20-minute video of interviews with a sports medicine doctor and a massage therapist who work at Oregon Health & Science University.

Bill Nye Bones and Muscles DVD and curriculum

Emmanuels Gift DVD- the true account of an African athlete who continued his amazing involvement in sports with a prosthetic leg while inspiring all of those who watched him.

Foot modelThis is for use before, during, or after station activities

Clever Catch inflatable ball see extensions on page 3

Orthosis brace - This is for use before, during, or after station activities

Muscled elbow model Use this to present the difference between nerves (the yellow), tendons and ligaments (clear), muscle (red), and bone (white). The legend is on the bottom of the model.

Osteoporosis model For use with station 4

Exercise and muscle poster- Poster is used for station 5.

X-ray set- Students can identify bones on the x-rays after learning some of the names in the station activities. Activity ideas are included at the end of the teacher guide. This makes a fun extension activity.

Blueprint for Health Muscles chart These posters are used for station 1

Blueprint for Health Bones chart

Country Doctors video- This one-hour PBS video was made in rural Oregon about the need for local health care providers.

3-pound weight For use with Station 2


  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Understanding your Bones and Muscles
  • Molly the Pony

NIH Curriculum Looking Good, Feeling Good, from the Inside Out - This seven-lesson curriculum created by the National Institute of Health offers many extensions for lessons about bone health, muscle use, and dietary needs, as well as lessons about skin health and anatomy.

Muscles and Bones From Inner Space to Outer space - curriculum

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