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Guts In-A-Box Curriculum Set

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Guts In-A-Box

The Guts In-A-Box features five stations plus multiple supplemental activities on the eye. At each station, students answer questions on their station notes, which can be collected for assessment or simply used to keep students on task.

Guts station activities:

  1. Anatomy Students learn the anatomy of the digestive system by guessing whats in the Bag o Guts and reviewing the digestion poster. They then label their own templates and try to identify the function of each part.
  2. Informed eaters Students learn about nutrition by playing the pyramid game and taking a restaurant nutrition quiz.
  3. Careers Students take the roles of health care professionals and decide how they would help the hypothetical patient using techniques commonly used by those professionals.
  4. Gut disorders Students learn about digestive disorders, treatment techniques, and professionals who treat the disorders by examining the descriptions and pictures and trying to match them in sets.
  5. Malnutrition Students learn about malnutrition, both over-nutrition and under-nutrition, by reading the map/chart, taking a nutrition quiz and evaluating their own nutritional deficiencies. This station offers an excellent opportunity for extensions in geography and social studies.

Extensions to the guts stations include:

Bill Nye Digestion DVD and curriculum

The Science of Energy Balance NIH Curriculum with five lessons and Oregon Content Standards

Blueprint for Health chart of digestion

"Do the Math" poster

The Science of Fat video A good extension for older students, research projects, or sharing with families. This two-disc set has animations, experiments using mice, interviews of individuals, and much more.

Bag O Guts Simulated organs for Station 1 activities includes two intestine strands and one pancreas, liver, gall bladder, stomach, and appendix.

1 pound fat and muscle replicas

Colon model

Portion Distortion cards - students can quiz each other or themselves with these

Organ photographs


  • Guts
  • Burp (ages 9-12)
  • 101 Questions about Food and Digestion (ages 9-12)
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